Sunday, April 14, 2013

Maiden Voyage!

Welcome to the beginning of All Weiß Schwarz.
This blog will be several things:
  • A central location for useful and in-depth information about the Weiss Schwarz TCG.
  • A blog for discussion, analysis, and strategy.
  • A rallying point for Weiss Schwarz players in the Rocky Mountain region of the US.
Further information about each of those categories:
  • The collected info about Weiss Schwarz will be called the "Data Hub". All posts related to it will have the "Data Hub" label.
  • Blog posts will all be tagged with "Natron's Thoughts". Once we get more contributors, they'll have similar labels.
  • Our current community is based out of Colorado, so some content will relate to the Rocky Mountain area. Look for the "Colorado" or "Rockies" labels.
  • Also, anything only somewhat related to Weiss Schwarz (such as anime reviews) will have the "Spin-off" label.
Watch the blog closely in the coming week, since I'll be adding content at a fever pace!
(currently in the works: Improved Translation Printer, Retailer and Distributor List, Glossary of Slang terms, and more!)

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