Sunday, April 14, 2013

Glossary of Weiss Schwarz 'slang'

Weiss Schwarz fans have come up with nicknames or abbreviations for many of the card types and card abilities. There are also several abbreviations used when trading/selling cards online.

I want to create a list of all these nicknames, so you new players can tell what it means when someone says "RRR 0/0 Akiha suicide FT, LF 2k1 CR CX"

CX (Climax)
FT (For Trade)
LF (Looking For)
LTB (I'm Looking to Buy)
Opp (Opponent)
PM (Private Message)
SG (Singapore)
TD (Trial Deck)
WS (Weiss Schwarz)
WTB (I Want to Buy)
WTS (I Want to Sell)
YYT (Yuyu-tei): A Japanese site, often used to get single card prices.
#/# (example: 3/2 Miku): Referring to a specific card by Level/Cost and name.

Rarities (copied from
C (Common): Four in each Booster Pack.
CC (Climax Common): There are 8 pairs per box.
CR (Climax Rare): One of each per booster box. So each booster box has one copy of all the CR cards.
R (Rare): Fifteen in each booster box.
RR (Double Rare): Four (One of each card color) are included per booster box.
RRR (Triple Rare): Holo-foil cards, most of these feature new descriptions and art. Only 4 of these are included in a booster carton.
SP (Special): Holo-foil CC/CR cards or cards with signatures. Only 2 of these are included in a booster carton.
SR (Special Rare): Holo-foil cards, without different descriptions or art. Ten of these are included in a booster carton
TD (Trial Deck): All Trial Deck cards are this rarity, many of them with parallel U or C rarity versions. There are also a number of Trial Deck only cards.
U (Uncommon): Two in each Booster Pack.

Set abbreviations:
MB (Melty Blood)
SAO (Sword Art Online)
PD/PDf (Hatsune Miku Project Diva F (Vocaloid))
Many more

Suicide/Suicider: A character that can reverse its Battle Opponent when it is Reversed. Example: "When this becomes Reversed, if its Battle Opponent is Level 0 or lower, you may Reverse that Character." Some characters have variations of this, such as putting the opponent in Stock instead of Reversing it.
Mill/Milling: Discarding cards from a Library to the Waiting Room. Example: Brainstorm keyword
Healing: Moving a card from Clock into (usually) the Waiting Room.
Vanilla: A card with no effect. Example: 0/0 3000 characters.
Stick: When damage isn't canceled by a climax, it "sticks".
1k1: A climax that gives +1000 power and 1 soul to all your characters. Often has interesting Trigger icons.
2k1: A climax that draws a card and gives +2000 power and 1 soul to one character. Always has 2 Soul Triggers.

Know of any other common abbreviations or nicknames? Let me know and I'll get them added to the list ASAP.

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